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Benefits to the Environment

Wooden pallets are a friendly alternative to the environment; they last for years with only minor repairs, and when they are beyond repair they have a second life as something else. This is a huge benefit to the environment as it saves an enormous amount of valuable natural resources.

Wood pallets that cannot be repaired and reused must either be recycled or thrown away in a landfill. This is the reason why wood pallet recycling is such an attractive option. Once a pallet can no longer be used, or it is too damaged to continue, then there are several different options to recycle it. For instance, a pallet is made up of several slats and other components.  Sometimes, these components can be removed from the broken ones, and can be used to repair pallets that still have some life left in them, or can be used to create entirely new pallets out of the pieces that remain. Components that are simply too damaged to be useful can be ground up. There are many uses for good wood, even if they are damaged scraps.


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