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Services / Pickup and Delivery

  • Next day delivery
  • Delivery via dry van or flat bed
  • Trailer spotting

Do we offer a pick-up service?

It depends on the number of pallets, the size/s and type/s of pallets, the condition of the pallets, the city in which you are located, and how the pallets have been stored.

The removal will likely be at no cost to you if the following is true;

  • 1. The pallets are 48x40 4 way 3 stringer pallets
  • 2. You have a minimum of 50 48x40 4 way 3 stringer pallets
  • 3. You are located in an area with a high demand for pallets

To determine if we can offer a free pickup, please email pictures of the pallets you need removed to  Also include the number of pallets, the size/s of pallets, whether or not there is a forklift on site which can load our truck, and the city in which the pallets are located.


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